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Features of a story.

A rather rigid -but simple - set of elements define a usable story.

Every story that appears at this site should be....




To achieve this here are simple instructions that writers need to follow:

1- Even though the idea for a story may be something published or broadcast elsewhere, before it is featured in these pages, a writer should have reconfirmed a story by either a personal visit, contact or sound research. Frequently, a lead to a story may turn out to be  fake, obsolete or hyped up. Only verification will ensure that what seemed an inspiring story, is indeed so.

2-It is an aim of GoodNewsIndia that it serves as a bridge between a visitor to a page and the object of the story. He may wish to follow-up on the story or even help a good effort that he appreciates. For such a visitor, the writer of  a story must provide contact details for the subject covered. This may be one or more or all of the following:

a- eMail address

b- telephone number

c- postal address

3- Nothing completes a story on the web as an image that goes with it. An image need not be a professional photograph. It can be a photo taken with a snapshot camera. These can often be enhanced for the web.

Also a visual need not only be a specially taken photograph. It can be any or some of the following:

a- a photo, the subject is willing to lend

b- an illustration or drawing

c- a press clipping, a letter-head, a letter, a calling card, an invitation, a greeting and anything similar  from the subject's collection, that will sharpen the  story

It is up to the imagination of the writer to create the right mood for a story.

In every case please send only scanned images as attachments to an email. It is difficult to ensure the safe-return of photos or documents that a subject may value. It is best the writer gets the visuals scanned and returns the originals to the source.

So what qualifies as a  GoodNewsIndia story is simply defined:  Make every story authentic, usable and evocative.