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How can you participate ?

There are many ways in which you can participate in the growth of goodnewsindia.com


To get where I hope to, goodnewsindia.com requires participation at several levels. Before you come on board you would naturally, want to know what this site is all about. Get an overview and come back here.

Almost anyone can play the roles that will help. Before we get to that, here is a check-list to see if you fit: 

  • You are a student or a housewife or an enthusiast and enjoy working from home.

  •  You love the idea GoodNewsIndia stands for, more than the money it can pay!

  • You enjoy surfing the web and are reasonably comfortable creating a text file, sending an email etc. 

  • You are fairly mobile and are free to travel within about 50 km of your home.

  • You are free to travel even wider than that!

  • You  can run down a lead , verify it, and report it simply, though not with any great flair.

  • You can chase a lead and write on it with great flair!

  • You enjoy playing with digital  images. 

  • You are a parent or a teacher interested in instilling in children a sense of idealism and appreciation of the good work.

If you are one or some or all of the above you may be interested in some of the following roles.


1-Friend: Every single response helps build the site. Need not always be an accolade! Report a typo, a bad link, an error of fact,  a dislike for a graphic, a copyrighted material we may have inadvertently used... just about anything you as a friend of the site think will better it.

When we have received three  usable suggestions we will post your name and photo [if you like] in the Credits section.


2-Pointer: Point me to a story that the site  can cover. But remember every story that appears on this site has to be verified for accuracy; so a vague suggestion will lead us nowhere. I would like an extract from the press, a web-link, or a full address that  can be followed up.

Every single lead of yours that ends up as a story on the site will be listed in the Credits section with a link to the story that you helped create!


3-Verifier: I have leads in several places in India that I obviously can't cover. Yet, every story that appears here needs to be verified for accuracy and full contact details of the person or place featured, collected. In addition each story requires a photo or some image that is either specially taken or collected from the subject. I need verifiers country-wide to do this field work. Verifiers are not expected to be skilled writers. It is enough if a descriptive email is sent to me and a few queries answered , if necessary.

This is a paid job, though I can only pay a modest amount at this time, which will probably  just about cover your costs! In addition your name will appear in the credit line.


4-Artist: The Internet experience is mostly visual. I try hard at making our site pleasant. But you may come across a graphic on the site which you think you can improve. It's an easy thing to download the graphic and if you are Photoshop- kind of person you can play around  and come up with something better. Attach the original and your version to an email addressed to the editor. Sometimes you may have additional images for a particular story taken perhaps, when you holiday-ed there. Or you may have a general image that fits with the theme of the site- we can use that too! [only scanned images please! I cannot guarantee the safe-return of originals sent to us.] 

I  pay reasonably for your efforts. The web-rights will belong to the site and the rest of the rights are yours. The images will be credited to you where they appear.


5-Updater: A good story always grows. May be a story on the site prompts you to visit it. Or you use the contact details   to get in touch, help the person or the idea grow. Or you maybe the subject of the story itself and something positive may have happened because of the story this site carried. In all these cases I would love to carry the update you send.

The  update will be flashed  prominently, may be even on the home-page and you will be duly credited.





If you'd like to play one of the roles described here please click this to send an email. Give your name, where you live and some description of you.