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A style guide.

Stories in the site must present a common grain.

First  a note that might offend hard-boiled journalists: There is plenty of 'objectivity' out there, often amounting to little more than compulsive cynicism. GoodNewsIndia wishes to report on a series of happenings in India that adds up to a true but little known layer of goodness in this society.

Having said that, this is not a rigid style guide that aims to make writers lose their flair or their individuality. 

It is just that if a story covering a person or an institution needs sentences like...

'... there are of course many critics  of Mrs.Y who disagree' 


'... some of the activities of this organisation arouse suspicion'


'... there are dark areas that need to be investigated'

then, that particular story does not  qualify for a place in GoodNewsIndia.  

So the first task is to select only those stories  on which the writer is able to be affectionate and warm without qualms of compromising her integrity.


An over-clever writing style does not suit either. Many of the folks and groups that we hope to cover are simple people without cultivated veneers. We are not presenting them for the beautiful people's or the brown-sahib's acceptance. Let there be no smart-alecky observations popularised by  English travel-writers  visiting India until recently. Nor, humour that shows the subject in uncomfortable light.


A final note for the writer is that this site began as one man's point of view and for some years it cannot escape his imprint. Simply put, please do be prepared for some editing. By all means, protest if it is too missionary; but do accept that there ought to be some consistency of grain across the site.


In sum....

1- write only on subjects, about which you are able to be affectionate even while remaining truthful

2-don't let your writing style be so 'clever' that readers are more curious about you than the story you are covering


3- be prepared to accept some heavy editing.