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Browser issues

Some notes on how the site was designed and some help on viewing problems

First, the simple fact: these pages will play well on both the Windows and Macintosh platforms running either Internet Explorer or  Netscape Navigator, provided they are versions 4.0+.

Now the details, even though you haven't asked:

The whole site was designed on an Apple PowerBook laptop running the Mac OS, to which I am partial. But, those that love the Mac over Wintel machines cannot have the freedom that their loyalty might promise. Thus I have a very clever piece of software called Virtual PC running on my laptop. Using this I can run all Windows programs from within the MacOS!

I use MS FrontPage 2000 to create and maintain my site. Reason: it was the cheapest among the 3 evaluated. The other two: Adobe GoLive! and Macromedia DreamWeaver [both for Mac]. That was a left handed remark; but truly FP 2000 is a great tool and very flexible! It even has a feature that trims the site to particular browser versions

The purpose of this long narration is to convey that I am able to test the site as widely as stated in the opening para.

But, it is possible that the fonts show up too big or too small. In which case use the 'Increase Font/Decrease Font' option under 'View' in Netscape 


in Internet Explorer use the 'Size' icon to increase or decrease fonts. This icon is part of the 'Standard Toolbar' which you can turn on by going to View > Toolbars.

If you still have a bad viewing experience, please send me a mail