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  Now, an India-grown three box car.

Having established the Indica as a leader in the small car segment, Tata Engineering threw its hat in the next higher C-segment ring. The Indigo launched today, is a three-box car set to compete with models from the likes of Ford, GM and Hyundai in India’s auto markets. It comes with the lowest price at Rs.4.35 lakhs to a segment where prices range between R.4.50 and Rs.7.00 lakhs. Tata Eng. says they are “very comfortable’ even at this low price.

First reviews are ecstatic. In addition to the price, Indigo is said to score well on styling and performance as well.  It comes in petrol and diesel versions. Reviewers expect it to bruise its rivals in this premium segment.

Tata has emerged as a serious car maker with the Indica having sold well over 100,000 pieces in under two years from launch date. There is another report today: in an agreement with Britain’s MGRover Group, Indica is set to debut in the UK, albeit under a different name. Tata Eng. expects to sell over 60,000 completely built units under this arrangement.

“We look at it as an endorsement by a major international company of Tata Engineering’s capability in general, and the world class acceptability of the Indica in particular,” says Mr Ratan Tata, whom GoodNewsIndia portrayed last year as the man who made India just the ninth country in the world to fully design and build a car.