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  Rising care for Chennai lakes

Chennai edition of the New Indian Express’s City Express today has a story on two water bodies near the city, actively being nursed by citizens.

In the first, at Keezhakattalai people have come together to resist a sewage pumping station’s location that might jeopardize their beloved lake. Spread over 80 acres, this lake’s rain water storage remains plenty and sweet.

The other, the Ninnakarai lake at Maraimalai Nagar is being revived by a coalition of citizens, civic authorities and politicians. Covering 125 acres, the lake is now being excavated, the removed soil piled on the periphery to form a 20’ wide bund with a road on it, to be planted later extensively with trees.

There’s a third lake at Pammal closer to the city [not covered in the above story], where too citizens are fierce guardians of the asset.