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  The scholarship trail

The Hindu today has a story on the scholarship programme at Chennai’s SSN College of Engineering, run by Shiv Nadar, founder of HCL.

The Rs 14 crore per year programme has created some heart-warming successes. Saravanakumar’s parents were dhobies, Rajeswari’s father drove an auto-rickshaw and Jayapraksh’s father sold biscuits.

But Senthilnathan’s story has to be the most pleasing for Shiv Nadar, who was himself helped by a scholarship in 1964, when he was studying engineering. Senthil used to fall asleep in class because he worked as a night watchman to pay his way. The college gave him a scholarship and he’s now a security analyst at Wipro. Today, Senthil sponsors the enginering studies of a girl in his hometown. Full story