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  India’s online tutors

Reuters today has a story on an online business called TutorVista, run from Bangalore. It has 150 e-tutors on its rolls who help out students, mostly in the USA. Most of the tutors have Masters degree, are trained in US curriculum needs, history and manner of speaking. They teach everything from grammar to geometry using instant messaging, voice and whiteboard. The charge is just $100 per month for unlimited hours, v. the $40 charged by similar US services. Face to face tutoring in the US goes up to $100 per hour.

TutorVista has signed up over 1,100 students. The report quotes a happy mother as saying her daughter was now on top of every subject in her class. Though US education is very well designed, it seems currently there’s a crisis with only 60% of students graduating from school. See how TutorVista works