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  RTI delivers change in Banda

Alka Pande details in the Indian Express how the Right to Information [RTI] Act brought an end to sixty years of isolation for 14,000 people in 8 villages, about 60 km from Banda town of Naraini block in UP’s Bundelkhand region. They had been without roads, crucial bridges over two rivers, a primary health centre or accessible education for their children. Patient periodic appeals brought no relief. And then came the RTI. A single specific query was made asking what became of a recent fact-finding visit of the District Magistrate.

Action swiftly followed from the Collectorate and work on bridges, 8 km of roads and electrification was soon afoot. It is important to notice the action was not spontaneous on part of the villagers. They had the services of a group of volunteers working under Vidya Dham Samiti. India needs several such groups that will spur people to action.  Report