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  Goans fight back

The gathering anger against large scale acquisition of land to promote tourism and industry at the cost of local people’s interest, has been further stoked by Regional Plan 2011 proposed by politicians in Goa. For over an year common citizens across social divide have come together to form campaign groups and to march in the streets. The Plan seeks to convert forest and beachside lands into real estate available for development into resorts and luxury homes.

Then late last year, journalists of the news channel NDTV pulled in their weight and made a huge difference. Controversial minister Babush Monserrate resigned on January 4, 2007. But giving credence to the widespread suspicion that he has volunteered to be the lightning rod, the Chief Minister has refused to accept his resignation. The battle continues but people have smelt victory and the power of the media has come to back them.   A report from 2005    NDTV on the issue  GoodNewsIndia story