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  Kiran Bedi’s new mission

Kiran Bedi, the energetic lady cop, who opted to retire from police service recently, has announced a promising initiative. It is common in India for a local police station to refuse recording your complaint, let alone act on it. It is a selectively followed practice, either to sustain a source of illegal income or to reduce work load. Usually, the way around is to know someone higher up.

Ms Bedi’s initiative will do just that. By registering your unattended complaint at you ensure it will be forwarded to the higher echelons. Kiran Bedi’s popularity with the public and the fact that a complaint has become public knowledge could goad the department to action. That at least, is the hope.

The site advises you to be responsible and ask for its services only if your complaint is truthful and you have tried hard -and failed- to have it recorded. For the mission to be effective, it must build credibility and seriousness. The site also has information on how the police system works and the processes it uses.Safer India