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Aug 30, 2006
Goonj: A ready to wear label for the poor
Anshu Gupta's volunteers driven Goonj, collects, sorts and distributes clothes for the poor

Jun 05, 2005
The redoubtable babus of Mumbai
The Lanja Rajapur Sangameshwar Utkarsha Mandal is run by government clerks to serve poor rural children

Sep 30, 2004
The perfect world of Devkishan Lakhiani
This 84 year old does what he can and has no time to discuss why things are 'impossible' in India

Apr 23, 2004
In a Goa beyond visitors’ eyes
Bernie and Greg of Jan Ugahi are addressing problems that prosperity brings

Jan 05, 2004
Special spaces for India’s special children
Shristi in Bangalore is a part of India's response to the needs of special children.

Sep 16, 2003
A daughter of India despite a century elsewhere.
Since she couldn't find answers to the question 'why?' Anuradha Bakhshi chose to craft them herself.

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