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Jan 05, 2004
Special spaces for India’s special children
Shristi in Bangalore is a part of India's response to the needs of special children.

Nov 09, 2003
A passion for excellence lavished on toilets.
Fuad Lokhandwala is unaware he's a role model India needs on its way to modernity.

Oct 09, 2003
Up the value chain
India has learnt that profits are made by adding value and quality and by creating an esteem for India.

Sep 16, 2003
A daughter of India despite a century elsewhere.
Since she couldn't find answers to the question 'why?' Anuradha Bakhshi chose to craft them herself.

Aug 17, 2003
Soil and soul connect with Sanskrit at Melkote
At Melkote, Sanskrit's relevance to every aspect of our life is being show-cased.

Jul 01, 2003
Farm ponds’ many merits over check-dams
The farm pond idea showcased in Tiptur, Karnataka is a great option for farms on hilly slopes.

Jun 01, 2003
Natural diesel alternatives are beginning to deliver
Prof. U Shrinivasa's SuTRA is demonstrating the power and simplicity of straight vegetable fuel oils

May 02, 2003
Aavishkar backs India’s out of the loop innovators
A group of professionals is unlocking venture capital doors for small town entrepreneurs

May 01, 2003
The importance of Rangaswamy Elango
Elango's development strategy is to bring invisible people over the line and make them participants

Apr 15, 2003
Anna Hazare is soldiering for rural regeneration
An army truck driver finds his mission in the battle-field: serve others

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