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Special spaces for India’s special children[continued]

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Shristi struggles for funds because it won't cut corners-- it implements the 'best practices' in autism care. There is one teacher for four wards, an unusually good ratio in India. Their budget covers cost of transportation, lunch, medical care, nutrition, picnics, art courses and materials, sports, cultural events and festivals and orientation visits for their wards to parks, museums, post office, bank,restaurant, hospitals, shops... the list is endless.

Paying off:

Results are beginning to show. Parents feel more positive about their strange children. A sensitive name coined for this affliction is, 'Ooops... Wrong Planet Syndrome'. Indeed these children seem to have wandered here by mistake, and are bewildered unless we reach out to comfort them.

And the only way we can reach their soul is by love and patience. If we are sincere in trying to discover what they really like doing --for there are many things they enjoy doing-- and lead them to what among those are productive for them --and there are many things, they can be good at--, we may then make them feel at home on this planet.

It is through care and love that Shristi has enabled many children to live in peace and with some sense of identity. For example, Bhushan Balakrishna minds his family gift-shop by himself. Many other children have learnt to fend for themselves easing the load off their parents. About fifteen of them earn modest incomes from their craft-work and strut home proudly to their mothers with money in their fists. As for Hemal Avalani, that first arrival at Shristi, he is 23 years old now, and a faint shadow of the totally dependant young man. He commutes by public transport to his father's friend's business where he is employed. He can handle email, do his shopping and select music for himself. Above all, Hemal regularly saves a part of his salary and brings it over to Shristi every month to donate.

Hemals will ensure Shristi will endure. Wouldn't you too?


All donations to Shristi Special Academy are exempt under Section 80[G] of the Indian Income Tax Act 1961.

Shristi Special Academy
MIG 71, 1st Cross, V Main,
KHB Colony- Stage 2
Basaveshwara Nagara, Bangalore-560079
Phone: 91-080- 3204875

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