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Dec 10, 2002
A recent spray of IT good news

When Bloomberg News quotes Intel’s Craig Barret as saying that despite flaws in its physical infrastructure, India’s educational infrastructure gives it an overall advantage over China, Indian hearts would be gladdened.

He is not being polite. Intel has the largest non-US development centre in Bangalore. Beginning in 1999 with 10 people, it has today 900 employees and that is set to triple soon. Texas Instruments was of course the very first --1995-- and it today has 900 engineers working autonomously on chip design. Scores of other big names have followed. But let us search for more swallows to make it a fine summer.

PrintMe marketed by Electronics for Imaging, Ca used to need users to log on to the Internet, access their documents from anywhere in the world and have them printed out locally. Now according to the Hindu [Oct 21,2002], Bangalore’s UniMobile has cut the Internet out-- users can wirelessly access the service from their mobiles. On Nov 4, the Hindu said that 32 year old Dr.Krishna Bhatt, an alumni of Chennai IIT is the brain behind Google’s recently announced news service that is said to produce content totally automatically by scanning 4000 news-feeds. On Nov 14, came the news that Cisco’s Global Development Centre [600 strong] in Bangalore developed its Small Networking Management Solution [SNMS], now being marketed in 18 countries. Let us fast-forward past the much publicised praise of India --and investments!-- that Bill Gates offered during his recent visit. On Dec 1, we have Prof. Ted Tschang of the Singapore Management University saying, “Many Chinese firms are not at a high enough level of process maturity to compete with Indian firms. The main benchmark for measuring software process maturity is the Software Engineering Institute’s Capability Maturity Model [CMM]. Whereas at the high end India has about 32 firms that have reached Level-5, China has only one.”

Regardless of all the foregoing we have to contend with the cheerful fact that Indians are India’s most severe critics. Even they would need some time to respond to the following. Forrester Research has just said that $20 billion worth of jobs will shift from the US to India. Why? For one, India’s 250 universities and engineering colleges produce over 130,000 trained people every year. For another, listen to this: Forrester President McCarthy is quoted by as saying, �India is a culture more focused on quality and process than America is. They tend to be much more disciplined. They’ve done the most to turn IT development away from a mystical black art to a real business process… ‘Just wing it’ is not part of the Indian culture.�


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