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Dec 26, 2003
Signs from a village fair

Badiadka is a village on the border of Karnataka and Kerala. It’s a half hour drive from Kasargod town in Kerala. For three years now it has been running an annual Agriculture Fair (Krishi Mela) where the highlight is the display of devices and implements of great use to farmers. About 5000 people visit the one day fair.

Among the organisers we have the tireless Shree Padre who founded ‘Adike Patrike’ --a farmers’ participatory magazine-- and who is now a water harvesting evangelist. He writes, “Most of the devices exhibited were developed by practising farmers all over India.” He might have added, that only the brave and the sure can offer a product for evaluation and purchase by an Indian farmer: he’s a hardy customer.

This year’s fair took place on Dec 20 and if you need more information regarding participation or on how to display a product of your own you may mail Mr Ganapathy Bhat at . His phone numbers are (04994) 285282, 285622 and 9447449916.

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