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Soil and soul connect with Sanskrit at Melkote[continued]

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Thathachar believes that not enough is being done to explore the rich veins in Sanskrit's knowledge mines. Yoga, ayurveda, architecture, music, dance, statecraft and the like are but a few products that have been brought out. Agriculture, metallurgy, computer sciences etc can gain if new forays are made into the depths of Sanskrit. He is gratified recognition for the Academy's work with Sanskrit is coming slowly. It is an approved 'Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation' [SIRO]. It is recognised by the University of Mysore as a centre that can guide doctoral candidates. Visveswaraiah Technological University, Belgaum has permitted it to award PhD and MSc degrees by research in Information Technology, Materials Science, Aeronautics and Social engineering. Indian Space Research Organisation [ISRO] has commissioned it to prepare an Indian view of the cosmos.

We are out in the fields again. "If there is one thing I denounce the West for, it is the concept of banks and interest. Yes, you can quote me -- I am closer to Islam in this respect. Money as an end measure of attainments is ruining everything. Our governance, commerce, farming and relationships are all drifting away from the reality that can work without conflicts. We are fooling ourselves with what is progress. We will face the wall soon," he says. He sounds far from being despondent or extremist, though. In fact there is a glint in his eyes, almost as if he can sense that the trend may be reversing.

All around him the trees are wilting because of the worst drought he can remember. Reluctantly he drilled a bore-well this year. But there is still some water in one tank. And enough spirit in this 68 year old man.

He readily concedes compromises need to be made while living the modern life and he doesn't wish that anything should be forced. All he dreams of is that a large mass of people will live the connected life. What we learn, what we believe in, what we speak, what we do, what we create, what we care for, what we grow, what we eat and what we leave behind have all to be connected. It is foolishness to believe --as modern economics believes-- that these can exist separately.

Compromises may have to be made yes, and many may not have the opportunity yet to live a connected life. But truly wise ones must seek such a life. Professor Lakshmi Thathachar has steadfastly clung to his citizenship in eternity. He lives and works close to the source of all streams that govern life -- a source called Sanskrit.

A postscript on Aug 29, 2005:
On May 20, 2004, dirty feet of modern materialism strode into the Academy and removed the Profesor from its Directorship- that job is today, a sinecure for a political flunkey. Prof. Thathachar, after a period of gloom is now focusing on his long term dream of running a Gurukulam. He has a plan you can support. Click here to read an update.


Academy of Sanskrit Research
Melkote - 571431
Mandya District
Karnataka, India

The nearest railway station is Mandya, on the Bangalore-Mysore route.
email: Prof. M A Lakshmi Thathachar[ ]
Phones:(+91) (08236) 298741, 298781; 298742 [after hours]

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