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Apr 05, 2005
Rain water harvesting is not a pie in the sky
There is a Ganga in the sky and it doesn't cost much to link to it.

Feb 11, 2005
That Gandhi may not be born again
Dr Bindeshwar Pathak's Sulabh has triggered a social revolution

Oct 30, 2004
Because, he saw them standing there.
Nandana Reddy and Damu Acharya have made India a pioneer in addressing children's problems in a changing world

Sep 30, 2004
The perfect world of Devkishan Lakhiani
This 84 year old does what he can and has no time to discuss why things are 'impossible' in India

Aug 25, 2004
Staring down droughts in Dharwad, Karnataka
In just seven years, with a modest one-time investment, BAIF, Dharwad has lifted 10,000 people to good lives.

Jul 28, 2004
The man who sowed Gandhi and reaped happiness
For admirers of Masanobu Fukuoka, here's an Indian original, near Udupi, Karnataka

Jun 15, 2004
The relevance of China to India
Now that the World Bank has applauded China's anti-poverty record, Indians must rejoin the debate.

May 30, 2004
Reach of the Rishi Valley School
With its spirited commitment to a better planet, the Rishi Valley campus, is a realm of modern day rishis.

Apr 23, 2004
In a Goa beyond visitors’ eyes
Bernie and Greg of Jan Ugahi are addressing problems that prosperity brings

Mar 23, 2004
Plastics recycling - a new departure
Jim Garthe's plastic recycling system can turn a menace into an employment opportunity for millions.

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