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A passion for excellence lavished on toilets.[continued]

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Coming from the centre:

Fuad Lokhandwala's life has run a zig zag course. Born affluent, he grew up lonely and determined to make it on his own. "My marriage to Mehru was the turning point in my life. She was 18 and I, 20. Through her I came to know --and to deeply admire-- her family, especially her father, R H Chisti, IAS. He was by inclination a saintly man. That he was a direct descendant of the Khwaja, Moinuddin Chisti of Ajmer probably explains that. Through Mehru too I have Sanaa, my daughter and my passion. And now I have this mission. I ascribe all I have achieved to Mehru," he says dreamily.

An affluent man, a happy, family man, Fuad could have done tens of other things with his time. But India got lucky because Jay Leno made smoke come out of Fuad's ears. By the way, was that why he called his company Fumes? "Naaw," he drawls with a wink. "It stands for FUad, MEhru and Sanaa."


Fuad Lokhandwala, Fumes International
67 Anand Lok, New Delhi 110049

Phones:91 11 2626 4661

This story would not have been possible without the contributions of Anuradha Bakshi. She interviewed Fuad, visited the toilets, took the pictures, sent the notes and handled all subsequent queries.

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