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Sky is not the limit for this Indian.

Dr Kathuria wants to run the Mir space-station as  a business!

Remember the early days when India was opening up? The cry, that invasion by foreign companies would destroy the fragile Indian enterprise? A decade into the process of globalisation, we have Indians making news everywhere on this planet.

For some like Dr Chirinjeev Kathuria ,  even the globe does not seem to have enough space... may be the outer space will!

Many skills.

This man has a quilt work of skills : a doctor of medicine from Brown University, an MBA from Stanford, a trail of successful businesses that span telecommunications, biotechnology, Internet... and now the outer space engages his attention!

The Mir story is  one that wowed the world, but as the Soviet Union disintegrated the space station's troubles began to mount and one heard of only breakdowns and failures. The groans replaced the wows. Trash it say some; 'No', howls R S C Energia that built and runs the engineering marvel.

Dr Kathuria is one of the investors in MirCorp , set up salvage and commercialise the space-station.

They believe keeping the station going, is a viable business. MirCorp certainly does not lack the vision. Read what their web site says :-


Our Goals.

          MirCorp's vision of the future is to open space enterprise to private industry. By commercializing operations of the Mir space station, MirCorp will be able to utilize this valuable resource. 

Through its contractual relationship with Mir operator RSC Energia, MirCorp has leased the resources of the space station to provide direct access for a wide range of international users.
           MirCorp's goals are to preserve the heritage of Mir, the first international space station, through the commercialization of space enterprise. The Mir space station is now commercially available for international users who seek access to one of mankind's most unique industrial, scientific, and recreational facilities. 
          MirCorp is using private funding to initiate commercial operations on Mir. The company is seeking additional funds to support the station's activities over the longer term. 
          Mir's orbit offers a unique environment that is free of the constraints of gravity and with unmatched views of the Earth and heavens. As a result, the commercial demand for Mir is expected to be large and varied: from the production of highly pure medicines and alloys to real-time imaging of the Earth and planets. 


If you or your children ever get to make a recreational space flight, please remember an Indian would have played a part in making that happen!


Read more about this enterprise:



The Mir dream ends. Amidst whispers of  international political intrigue, Russia's tottering economy delivered the death sentence on the Mir. It was said it was obsolete, unsustainable and had served its purpose. Like an aging workhorse sent to the canneries, this pioneer space station was steered to its fall into the Pacific Ocean in the middle of this month.

May, 2000

The Mir space station lives! Funded by MirCorp, repairs have been completed by space-men, after  73 days in space. During the next mission there will be on board, US businessman Dennis Tito, as the first space tourist! MirCorp also believes that many commercial interests have been waiting for just this milestone that marks the Mir as sound and profitable to use!

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