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GoodNewsIndia: Your support.

The many ways you can help.

GoodNewsIndia began as a passionate mission and now enjoys a growing readership. Many visitors have written to ask how they could help GoodNewsIndia [GNI]. Here are some ways you can.

Spread the word:

The main purpose of GNI is to persuade that there is a huge invisible, dedicated work force building a new India. In order to bring this message to a vast audience, you can help spread the word about the site. From GNI's homepage the site can be recommended to your friends. The stories that you  have enjoyed reading can be sent to others. If you would, please add the following line after your signature in all your out-going emails: "for an affectionate but truthful look at India, visit http://goodnewsindia.com You could also recommend GNI in the news groups and forums in which you participate.

Write back and follow-up:

A delightful reward would be to receive your feedback. Please remember GNI is a one-man op. So errors will crop up. Point them out. Report broken links. Suggest leads. Sign-up for the newsletter [-- that will help me follow-up leads near you or seek travel and hotel information.] And oh yes, do send your flattering mail ! !

 The nicest stories to hear from you are those about how a project you heard of here prompted you to follow it up and help it. Please do mention GNI when you write to them. That would be my pay off! 

Closed options:

I have wanted to keep the visitor experience uncluttered and quiet. Somehow flashy advertisements hustle and intrude. Advertisers' interest may also conflict with GNI's.

So, GNI will not be an open house for advertisers, will not trade visitors' email addresses, and will not exchange links without the greatest care and consideration.

Money Issues:

That raises the money issue. How does GNI finance itself? Some visitors have written offering money.My response is: "Money is not a problem -- as yet." And it will come at a time of its choosing. But if you insist on making a cash contribution click this to send an email and instructions will follow.

After much consideration, I have also decided to recommend in this quiet corner of the site some products and services that might be of interest to visitors. If you patronise them, GNI will get a modest commission. Therefore, I hope you would.

Below you will find links to LinkSky and Amazon.

In the coming months I may affiliate GNI with other reputed online merchants who may be of interest to the well wishers of GoodNewsIndia

- - D V Sridharan, January 20, 2002
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