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GoodNewsIndia: The Mission

goodnewsindia.com will take an affectionate but truthful look at India !


The main purpose of goodnewsindia.com is to persuade that there is more to India than the  stream of depressing stories projects her to be,


To establish a niche for the dissemination of stories that inspire hope in the future of India, a confidence in her abilities  and an appreciation  of her as a sensitive  civilisation.

To show-case the heroic efforts of thousands of little known men, women and institutions, while skirting celebrities, politicians, political parties, prima-donnas and publicity-hunters. 

To qualify as a site which Indians visit with their children repeatedly to be reassured that idealism and affirmative action have not disappeared entirely.

To create a community that will participate in the growth and maintenance of this site's endeavour.

To host only those stories that are well-researched  and are without hype or jingoism.

To serve as a complete and reliable  database of contact information for the persons and places covered by the stories.

To become a site with the least clutter, offering a pleasant  viewing experience, displaying well-chosen advertisers unobtrusively placed, and devoid of any hustling to sign-up its visitors or to peddle  products and services.

Least of all, to run goodnewsindia.com on sound  business lines but without any great anxiety about revenue issues.