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GoodNewsIndia: Rights to material

Copyright and reproduction issues

The rights to the entire property, inclusive of the domain name, textual material, graphics, slogans, animated gifs etc, rest with D.V. Sridharan who can be contacted by clicking the feedback button on the home page and addressing him personally.

Some articles are published on this site with express or blanket permission given by the original producer. Articles from 'Grassroots' are an example of the latter. If any visitor finds any material that contravenes someone's copyright, please do notify us for action.

Permission to reproduce any material on the internet is usually given free of charges, provided GoodNewsIndia is acknowledged as the source and a link is provided to the site. Reproduction in print, too can be on similar terms, if  the website's url printed prominently and its permission cited. In either case, reproduction should only follow express permission from us by email.

Finally, the spirit behind the policy is that, with news, while one may own the presentation, what is presented itself is free to all!