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The road from Marx turns right at Gandhi

Mary and Babloo didn't settle at Timbaktu to retire, but to begin again with the conviction that nature is what really matters.[Sep, 2005]

Dreams come true in Ratnagiri

An unlikely team of clerks in government offices in Mumbai are reaching out to rural school children in Ratnagiri district.[Jun, 2005]

Battling for governance

Parivartan's unknown little Indians like Santosh, have fought to clear the thickets to form tracks to good governance.[May, 2005]

The Ganga in the sky

Residents and establishments in Tamil Nadu have taken to rain water harvesting and water recycling proving that local action can alleviate shortages.[Apr, 2005]

The two-pit privy man

Perfecting a simple sanitation solution and getting it to revolutionise Indian society has taken 35 years of Dr Pathak's life.[Feb, 2005]

Young voices rising

Nandana Reddy and Damu Acharya have approached the issue of India's working children by creating activists from children's own ranks.[Oct, 2004]

Minimalism in service

Dada Lakhiani is a role model for everyone who is sitting out for the right time, funds and opportunity to do something for India.[Sep, 2004]

Staring down droughts

Amidst the gloom of droughts and suicides, we have this transformation of farmers who will look a drought in its eye.[Aug,2004]

A Gandhi education pays off

Cherkady Ramachandra Rao, now 86, lost his parents when 2, found Gandhi when 7, and has not been lost ever since.[Jul,2004]

Inside China's anti-poverty success

Here are some notes, meant to moderate the widepread, uncritical admiration for China's success in reducing its poverty levels.[Jun,2004]

Beyond even his dreams

When J Krishnamurthy spotted that banyan tree in 1925, it is doubtful if he envisioned how it might change the grim landscape and lives around it.[May,2004]

Enfolding the lost ones in Goa

Bernadette D'Souza and Gregory D'Costa strive for the dignity of immigrants who built today's shining Goa - and, are abandoned on its streets to their own devices.[Apr,2004]

Plastics recycling - a new departure

Jim Garthe's plastic recycling system can turn a menace into an employment opportunity for millions.[Mar,2004]

Help for puzzled visitors

The needs of austistic children in India, are met almost entirely by hundreds of valiant women, who are neither sufficiently recognised nor adequately supported.[Jan,2004]

World standard toilets

Since 1999, Fuad Lokhandwala has been demonstrating in New Delhi that building and running toilets to world standards is possible along sound commercial lines.[Nov,2003]

The new Indian rope-trick

In the decade since it opened its economy, India has survived early shocks and has now assimilated with elan the tricks of making good profits in world markets.[Oct,2003]

A daughter returns

Anuradha Bakhshi's sense of debt to India is over-imagined considering how little she has taken from this land but therein lies a lesson for many of us who have drawn much.[Sep,2003]

Digging deep into Sanskrit

Prof. Lakshmi Thathachar at Melkote is a teacher, ecologist, animal breeder, computer adept and a champion of Sanskrit as an unmined knowledge source.[Aug,2003]

Where water flows in veins

The Smile Index of children and adults here, proves that the networked farm pond idea pioneered by BAIF's branch in Tiptur, Karnataka needs to be spread wide.[Jul, 2003]

Biodiesel goes from lab to land

Prof Shrinivasa's SuTRA has proved to India's tribal people that biodiesel is the best way to electrify their homes. And they are making a revolution of it.[Jun, 2003]

Making Village Republics happen

The success of Rangaswamy Elango at Kuthambakkam village justifies the hope that Gram Swaraj will yet bloom all across India..[Jun,2003]

After micro credit, it's micro capital,now

Aavishkaar is a pioneer attempt by India's overseas professionals to bring venture capitalism to socially, environmentally relevant small businesses.[May,2003]

This postman delivered more than mail.

This vintage classic from the 1930s should give us heart because it shows service to fellowman is intrinsic to Indian way of life.[Apr,2003]

A soldier's march into peace.

Anna Hazare's work with Ralegan Siddhi has thrown up a model for all round development of India's villages.[Apr,2003]

Bridges to mainstream life:

Girish Bharadwaj's foot bridges for isolated villages are transforming communities -- and are aesthetic as well.[Mar, 2003]

Rare grit at young age.

Deciding in their teens to make social service their profession, Vandana and Vaishnavi have gone on to build the Banyan in Chennai. [Feb,2003]

Lay naturalists befriend mangroves:

Kerala's mangroves are struggling to survive but faceless Indians with no access to power or wealth are answering the call.[Feb,2003]

A jewel in India's crown.

India's Parliament has for over 50 years worked to transform society -- and embed itself into its peoples' consciousness and heart.[Jan,2003]

10 year old Jananeethi in Thrissur, Kerala leads people to their rights- and hope.

George Pulikuthiyil, a staff of 14 and over 40 volunteers counseled and helped close to 4000 people last year [Dec,2002]

The Green Revolution in India gave us food and dignity.

India was born in the ruins of the Bengal Famine and worked hard to become a secure country with food surpluses.[Nov,2002] 

With 100,000 members in 20,000 families backing it, MGP is a consumer force that cannot be ignored.

For 25 years Mumbai Grahak Panchayat has been putting the consumer on centre stage.[Nov,2002]

At work with heart in hard rock place.

Abdul Kareem of Nileswar, Kerala has transformed the face of a laterite hill slope into a 32 acre natural forest.[Oct,2002]

Shree Padre's campaign to save rain water has excited many people into action.

In west Karnataka ,a new, widespread awareness is making people trap and store rain water.[October,2002]

Professor Xavier Sala-i-Martin's view of global poverty numbers breathes hope for India too

Sala-i-Martin's approach is to 'unbundle' countries to release the people within - and then let them tell their own story.[Sep,2002]

With sharp focus on the rural Indian family, BAIF has been working to enrich it.

Founded in 1969, BAIF has hard headed technocrats at the top serving India's poor at the bottom.[Aug,2002]

The memoirs of Dr. Manibhai Desai, the founder of BAIF Development Research Foundation.

A 9000 word essay detailing how BAIF came about and the silent force called Gandhi.[Aug,2002]

A professor at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad is reaching out to barefoot inventors.

Dr. Anil Kumar Gupta is putting together a structure that will benefit India's innocent knowledge workers.[Aug, 2002]

Before cities can improve, sanitation and housing in city slums have to improve.

Pratima Joshi and Srinanda Sen of Shelter Associates, Pune are working to improve the conditions under which the urban poor live.[Jul,2002]

Cutting through with blades of grass.

The village of Bawani in the Uttaranchal Himalayas has transformed its life-style and economy in just five years.[Jul,2002]

A self-help scheme takes off soon as popular imagination is kindled.

In Maharashtra, rural folk part with their own funds to make a scheme named after Gadge Maharaj a success.[Jun,2002]

32000 bright minds at ISRO are keeping India in space orbit.

In barely 30 years, ISRO has developed world-class skills in a wide spectrum of space technologies.[Jun,2002]

Vigyan Ashram in Pabal delivers non-formal education to kids who smart in regular schools.

Dr. and Mrs. Kalbag have persevered in a hard rural place for 20 years to develop an institution for hand-on education. [May,2002]

A selfless adventure in tree planting.

Thimmakka and Chikkanna filled a personal void with an avenue of trees.[May,2002]

Joint Forest Management [JFM] takes birth in India

Instead of policing people near forests, India has chosen to co-opt them in conserving its biodiversity [Apr,2002]

Sugar cane leaf trash can build thousands of profitable rural businesses.

Working six long years with ARTI and his daughter Dr. Priyadarshini, Dr. A D Karve perfects a way to briquette trash cane leaves.[Apr.,2002]

The National Stock Exchange is a near perfect 10.

As a complex, modern system operating in an India much reviled for its infrastructure, the NSE can teach the world a thing or three. [Mar.,2002] 

Water mills of India's hills are entering a new age.

A wide-spread initiative is on to technologically refit old water mills and tap new small hydel potentials.[Mar.,2002]

Gandhigram continues after 50 years, to discover new things to do for rural India.

The institution that Drs. Soundaram and Ramachandran founded in 1947 brings education, health and wealth to rural Tamil Nadu.[Feb,2002]

S. Gopalakrishnan's Hydrodrive Electronic Converter can make India a clean-air leader.

This invention prevents vehicle pollutants from being created, rather than cleaning them up when they are at the exhaust.[Feb,2002]

Having seen Kalanjiam deliver her village out of poverty, Chinnapillai soldiers on to spread the idea.

Dhan Foundation struggled to get its savings and credit scheme going until it found an able champion in Chinnapillai.[Feb,2002]

The defense of turmeric, neem and other Indian heirloom.

Provoked by patents on turmeric and neem,India is leading the fight for Third World Rights[Jan,2002]

Dr P K Jha brings his lab to bear on a basic Indian problem.

Sulabh Effluent Treatment Technolgy [SETT] can save 120 million litres of water per day.[Jan,2002]

Narsim Shenoy takes education a notch higher.

'First Response' aims to give quality and care to Bangalore's government schools. [Jan,2002]

UNICEF creates a loveable girl to persuade Bihar on gender issues.

'Meena' as portrayed by Rupa Singh is causing Bihar to focus on the rights of the girl child [Dec,2001]

The rebirth of a practical gasifier

Dr Mukunda's team at CGPL, Bangalore has introduced many innovative features in to the traditional problem ridden gasifier.[Dec,2001]

The McKinsey study should not  be dismissed as ball gazing: it is sound analysis.

"Don't yearn for investment dollars but look within and iron out the wrinkles  to achieve 10% growth," says the venerable firm McKinsey  [Nov,2001]

An old Indian pest control method excites ICRISAT scientists

Podborer [ Helicoverpa ] attack on pigeonpea had brought noxious pesticides into use- but not any more, because Bitchappa fetched up a forgotten idea. [Nov,2001].

He has buried over 40,000 destitute bodies in Bangalore.

A lost child Mahadeva,  found care, love and relevance amidst the poverty, chaos and squalor of India. [Oct,2001]

An engineering marvel that kept the environment and aesthetic issues in view 

A journey along the Konkan Railway is becoming an exclusive pleasure for many tourists.[Oct,2001] 

Dr.Iyer backed his hunch that empowering women was the key to development

Mulbagal taluk in Karnataka is ably 'ruled'  by visionary women leaders created by Grama Vikas.[Sep,2001]

Oil from Pongamia Pinnata [Honge] is an efficient fuel with many invisible benefits

At Kagganahalli near Bangalore Dr.U.Shrinivasa of the Indian Institute of Science is building a model rural economy based on oil from Honge trees [Sep,2001].

Self help and community wide action to restore water resources

The village of Baloda Lakha near Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh doesn't wait for government aid. [Sep,2001]

Ratan Tata builds a car for India

For the first time ever, an Indian company Telco, conceives, designs and mass manufactures a modern car tailored for India.[Aug,2001] 

Trinity College, London and Musee Musical, Chennai are a century old partnership.

An unlikely collaboration has promoted western classical music in south India for a hundred years.[Aug,2001]

Elected women administrators are making a difference in local governments.

33% reservation for women in local bodies is paying off [Aug, 2001]

Michael Porter and Jeffrey Sachs believe India will pip China in the long run.

Global Competitiveness Report 2000 prepared for the World Economic Forum presents unsuspected insights in India's favour. [Jul,2001]

The overdue reforms of Indian prisons get a start at Tihar.

Kiran Bedi's police heart was modified by her femininity when posted at the Tihar prisons [Jul, 2001]

A quiet digital revolution is sweeping rural India

The digital divide  is relentlessly being bridged. [Jun,2001]

Vidyakar's are  hands that help and heart that hugs.

For 20 years Vidyakar and his Udavum Karangal have held the  safety net for the unwanted people found in the streets of Chennai. [Jun,2001]

A Panchayat in Kerala is an inspiring model

Vallikunnu in Kerala is led by a dynamic leader into a new world of self-help. [Jun,2001]

Sthapathys of Swamimalai preserve an ancient art.

Bronze casting by the lost wax process is both a formal art and a thriving business in Tamil Nadu. [May,2001]

Manganiyars and Langas of Rajasthan find a saviour in Komal Kothari.

The timeless desert music is given a new life, even as an audio archive is being created. [May,2001]

Answering the prophets of doom

Writing in International Herald Tribune, Prasenjit Basu silences India's critics and highlights her many achievements [Apr,2001]

Dr Sultan Ismail showcases vermiculture as an economic tool.

A sustained campaign is run by Dr Ismail and his researchers to demonstrate practical techniques to combat pollution, produce compost and to clean up cities' wastes [Apr,2001].

Winning the war against poverty

India's percentage of poor people is now 26 and falling [Mar,2001] 

Indian Administrative Services' management skills go on display

Organising an event as big as the Maha Kumbha Mela would have fazed most countries[Mar,2001]

The Pani Panchayat scheme in  Maharashtra  triggers  migration from cities to villages

Vilasrao Salunkhe authors a novel scheme of rural regeneration where water is everyone's right.[Feb,2001]

Gulabo is leading her ancient community into the modern world

Kalbeliyas now believe in education and look for opportunities in a modernising India [Feb, 2001]

The Kagzi clan conserves the art of handmade paper.

Since the times of Babar, the Kagzis have done just one thing: hand-made paper![Jan,2001]

Palak Muchal's mission is to help children

Just 8, Palak has been using her gift of music to raise money to help children suffering from cardiac disorders. [Dec,2000]

The Marwari horse, is making a comeback

This horse,  so well adapted to India was becoming extinct, until rescued by some devoted Rajputs [Dec,2000]

An eminent scientist lays out a plan for India

Dr R A Mahelkar's vision of India in the current millennium spells out a do-able list of steps.[Nov,2000] 

The forests have a chance

The biennial State of Forest,1999 report has some news to cheer[Nov,2000]

A model for the regeneration of rural India

The pioneering work of Tarun Bharat Sangh and Rajendra Singh, revives hopes of a Gandhian utopia.[Oct,2000]

  Modern man can learn much from the Bishnois!

For 500 years this sect has fought to preserve the environment[Oct,2000]

A 'mother' to Tripura's tribal girls.

Anurupa Mukherjee is determined to educate girls of Tripura and lead them to employment and self-sufficiency.[Sep,2000]

Connecting with children:

Since 1989, teams of doctors from the University of Virginia, USA have repeatedly visited Bihar to perform corrective surgery [Aug,2000]

Saving a desert outpost of yore!

Sue Carpenter bites through resistance and builds support to save Jaisalmer! [Aug,2000]

May not be 'rags to riches'; 'riches to reaching-out ', may be!

Sugalchand Jain withdraws from active business to devote himself fully to philanthropy.[Aug,2000]

  Report forecasts visible prosperity by 2007!

The NCAER , respected as a sober analyst, indicates near-term wide-spread prosperity for India![Jul,2000] 

New uses for toxic wastes

An Indo-Canadian project supported by IDRC, CIDA, ICEF and IIT attempts to turn fly ash, sewage and biomass into a usable resource.[Nov,2000]

The population mix: reading the good news!

Even though, India's population is   high, the large proportion of young in it, portends good times.[Sep,2000]

People in India begin to believe doors will open

The story of Pandey, who went from being a guard to a doctorate with help along the way, is not unique but typical of India today [Sep,2000]

The drought had it's heroes too!

Several communities in Rajasthan and Gujarat showed that man can influence nature if he works with it.[Aug,2000]

When rulers were visionary....

Anupam Mishra's loving evocation of a time that combined conservation, economy and culture.[Aug,2000]

A government hospital is reborn

Maharaja Yashwantrao  hospital in Indore cleans up and is preferred ahead of private hospitals [Aug,2000]

Will this be an Indian century?

BusinessWorld Millennium edition is a sparkling issue featuring articles that develop a cohesive 'yes' as an answer.[May,2000]

Dr Chirinjeev Kathuria is a sample of Indian entrepreneurship

As long as she produces leaders like Kathuria, India will easily make the transition from a closed to an open economy.[May,2000]

Was a young Tamil, the first-ever Indian in Europe?

Dr C S Mohanavelu's discoveries  of little-known facts of early Germans in India will surprise and delight you.[May,2000]


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