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GoodNewsIndia: Credits

Roll call of people who helped in  someway or the other!


Vijay Kumar...

is a person still unmet. He wrote to volunteer his editing services. He is a telecom-techie, who enjoys picking typos, bad punctuation and grammer. Says it's his labour of love for GNI. If you still find errors, hang on, he hasn't finished yet


Anuradha Bakshi...

she first wrote seeking support for her project in Delhi. GNI found her work so good that it ran a story on her. She is today an eager, energetic crew at no pay! She helps with research, reporting and back-office work. You will find credits to her strewn all over the site.

Urvashi Chopra...

having travelled the world and lived in all parts of India, Urvashi and her husband Jagat make their home in Delhi. Her journeys into the world of healing systems led her to becoming a Reiki master. Her stories: "Dr.Raj Kishore Pandey: Security Guard to PhD!"

Priti Narasimhan...

grew up in Chennai and graduated, majoring in Economics. She is an MBA and works in a bank in Mumbai. Her interests include books, music and current affairs. Her story "Early Germans In India" was the first one to appear in GNI.


edited by the veteran journalist Ajit Bhattacharjea on behalf of Press Institute of India, this paper publishes stories of sociological interest. GoodNewsIndia is grateful for the permission granted to it to reproduce related stories from that paper. 

Ajith Frick

When  goodnewsindia.com was in planning, Ajith, just over three years then, helped decide on the site's logo, with a 10 second, free stroked crayon of his favourite tree with a swing. The original appears here! He is a busy young man today, with tens of interests, among them books, tapes, a cat, 3 tortoises, a dog, & a tank full of fish.

D V Sridharan...

used to be a sea-going engineer in the 1960s. Since 1981 he has been growing trees, but now discovers they have been trying to grow him. Between him and his loyal Mac, this site gets nearly all its needs met. All the articles not specifically credited, are by him.