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For long mocked for its 'Hindu rate of growth' of 2.5%,  the Indian economy is beginning to accelerate. Critics carp at the slow pace of reforms, but maybe the Indian model of hastening-slowly is  paying off: impact of change and benefits are wide-spread if not yet, deep.

Inside China's anti-poverty successindChinaJun04

Here are some notes, meant to moderate the widepread, uncritical admiration for China's success in reducing its poverty levels.[Jun,2004]

The new Indian rope-trickupChain

In the decade since it opened its economy, India has survived early shocks and has now assimilated with elan the tricks of making good profits in world markets.[Oct,2003]

After micro credit, it's micro capital,now

Aavishkaar is a pioneer attempt by India's overseas professionals to bring venture capitalism to socially, environmentally relevant small businesses.[May,2003]

Professor Xavier Sala-i-Martin's view of global poverty numbers breathes hope for India too

Sala-i-Martin's approach is to 'unbundle' countries to release the people within - and then let them tell their own story.[Sep,2002]

The McKinsey study should not  be dismissed as ball gazing: it is sound analysis.

"Don't yearn for investment dollars but look within and iron out the wrinkles  to achieve 10% growth," says the venerable firm McKinsey  [Nov,2001]

Michael Porter and Jeffrey Sachs believe India will pip China in the long run.

Global Competitiveness Report 2000 prepared for the World Economic Forum presents unsuspected insights in India's favour. [Jul,2001]

A quiet digital revolution is sweeping rural India

The digital divide  is relentlessly being bridged. [Jun,2001] 

Winning the war against poverty

India's percentage of poor people is now 26 and falling [Mar,2001] 

Indian Administrative Services' management skills go on display

Organising an event as big as the Maha Kumbha Mela would have fazed most countries[Mar,2001]

The population mix: reading the good news!

Even though, India's population is  high, the large proportion of young in it, portends good times.[Sep,2000]

Report forecasts visible prosperity by 2007!

The NCAER , respected as a sober analyst, indicates near-term wide-spread prosperity for India![Jul,2000]