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Some lives, deeds and opinions have the potential to stun and amaze us. It is not always the well-known name that inspires us. On the contrary, the stands that ordinary folks make have the greater power over us, for we then lose our cynicism and excuses for inaction.

A Gandhi education pays offcherkadyTN.jpg

Cherkady Ramachandra Rao, now 86, lost his parents when 2, found Gandhi when 7, and has not been lost ever since.[July,2004]

Beyond even his dreams.rValley

When J Krishnamurthy spotted that banyan tree in 1925, it is doubtful if he envisioned how it might change the grim landscape and lives around it.[May,2004]

This postman delivered more than mail.postmansingh

This vintage classic from the 1930s should give us heart because it shows service to fellowman is intrinsic to Indian way of life.[Apr,2003]

A soldier's march into peace.annaHazare

Anna Hazare's work with Ralegan Siddhi has thrown up a model for all round development of India's villages.[Apr,2003]

At work with heart in hard rock place.abdulKareem

Abdul Kareem of Nileswar, Kerala has transformed the face of a laterite hill slope into a 32 acre natural forest.[Oct,2002]

A selfless adventure in tree planting.Thimmakka

Thimmakka and Chikkanna filled a personal void with an avenue of trees.[May,2002]

Having seen Kalanjiam deliver her village out of poverty, Chinnapillai soldiers on to spread the idea.Chinnapillai

Dhan Foundation struggled to get its savings and credit scheme going until it found an able champion in Chinnapillai.[Feb,2002]

Dr.Iyer backed his hunch that empowering women was the key to development

Mulbagal taluk in Karnataka is ably 'ruled'  by visionary women leaders created by Grama Vikas.[Sep,2001]

A Panchayat in Kerala is an inspiring model

Vallikunnu in Kerala is led by a dynamic leader into a new world of self-help. [Jun,2001]

Answering the prophets of doom

Writing in International Herald Tribune, Prasenjit Basu silences India's critics and highlights her many achievements [Apr,2001]

The Pani Panchayat scheme in  Maharashtra  triggers  migration from cities to villages

Vilasrao Salunkhe authors a novel scheme of rural regeneration where water is everyone's right.[Feb,2001]

An eminent scientist lays out a plan for India

Dr R A Mahelkar's vision of India in the current millennium spells out a do-able list of steps.[Nov,2000] 

A model for the regeneration of rural India

The pioneering work of Tarun Bharat Sangh and Rajendra Singh, revives hopes of a Gandhian utopia.[Oct,2000]

Will this be an Indian century?

BusinessWorld Millennium edition is a sparkling issue featuring articles that develop a cohesive 'yes' as an answer.[May,2000]