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With no tradition of a benevolent state, Indians have always had to fend for themselves in an overcrowded, competitive land. Maybe this is what makes them slightly selfish and family-centred. Indians however admire -- and even venerate-- those self-less individuals who reach out beyond their kin and serve the society.


Dreams come true in Ratnagiri:mandalPawar

An unlikely team of clerks in government offices in Mumbai are reaching out to rural school children in Ratnagiri district.[Jun,2005]

Minimalism in service:dadaL

Dada Lakhiani is a role model for everyone who is sitting out for the right time, funds and opportunity to do something for India.[Sep,2004]

Enfolding the lost ones in Goa:shristi

Bernadette D'Souza and Gregory D'Costa strive for the dignity of immigrants who built today's shining Goa - and, are abandoned on its streets to their own devices. [Apr,2004]

Help for puzzled visitors.shristi

The needs of austistic children in India, are met almost entirely by hundreds of valiant women, who are neither sufficiently recognised nor adequately supported.[Jan,2004]

A daughter returns.pWhy

Anuradha Bakhshi's sense of debt to India is over-imagined considering how little she has taken from this land but therein lies a lesson for many of us who have drawn much.[Sep,2003]

Rare grit at young age.banyan

Deciding in their teens to make social service their profession, Vandana and Vaishnavi have gone on to build the Banyan in Chennai. [Feb,2003]

10 year old Jananeethi in Thrissur, Kerala leads people to their rights- and hope.jNeethi

George Pulikuthiyil, a staff of 14 and over 40 volunteers counseled and helped close to 4000 people last year [Dec,2002]

Vigyan Ashram in Pabal delivers non-formal education to kids who smart in regular schools.Kalbag

Dr.and Mrs. Kalbag have persevered in a hard rural place for 20 years to develop an institution for hand-on education. [May,2002]

Narsim Shenoy takes education a notch higher.

'First Response' aims to give quality and care to Bangalore's government schools. [Jan,2002]

He has buried over 40,000 destitute bodies in Bangalore.

A lost child Mahadeva,  found care, love and relevance amidst the poverty, chaos and squalor of India. [Oct,2001]

Vidyakar's are  hands that help and heart that hugs.

For 20 years Vidyakar and his Udavum Karangal have held the  safety net for the unwanted people found in the streets of Chennai. [Jun,2001]

Palak Muchal's mission is to help children

Just 8, Palak has been using her gift of music to raise money to help children suffering from cardiac disorders. [Dec,2000]

A 'mother' to Tripura's tribal girls.

Anurupa Mukherjee is determined to educate girls of Tripura and lead them to employment and self-sufficiency.[Sep,2000]

May not be 'rags to riches'; 'riches to reaching-out ', may be!

Sugalchand Jain withdraws from active business to devote himself fully to philanthropy.[Aug,2000]