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India is indeed the graveyard of vanities and empires. Public institutions tend to crumble-- however mighty the founder-- if the intent was to dominate. However, many institutions founded for serving society's deeply felt needs have thriven over very long periods. 

A jewel in India's crown.p'ment

India's Parliament has for over 50 years worked to transform society -- and embed itself into its peoples' consciousness and heart.[Jan,2003]

With 100,000 members in 20,000 families backing it, MGP is a consumer force that cannot be ignored. baif

For 25 years Mumbai Grahak Panchayat has been putting the consumer on centre stage.[Nov,2002]

With sharp focus on the rural Indian family, BAIF has been working to enrich it. baif

Founded in 1969, BAIF has hard headed technocrats at the top serving India's poor at the bottom.[Aug,2002]

The memoirs of Dr. Manibhai Desai, the founder of BAIF Development Research Foundation. manibhaiDesai

A 9000 word essay detailing how BAIF came about and the silent force called Gandhi.[Aug,2002]

32000 bright minds at ISRO are keeping India in space orbit.

In barely 30 years, ISRO has developed world-class skills in a wide spectrum of space technologies.[Jun,2002]

Gandhigram continues after 50 years, to discover new things to do for rural India.

The institution that Drs. Soundaram and Ramachandran founded in 1947 brings education, health and wealth to rural Tamil Nadu.[Feb,2002]

Trinity College, London and Musee Musical, Chennai are a century old partnership.

An unlikely collaboration has promoted western classical music in south India for a hundred years.[Aug,2001]