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Curiously, India is a nation with little regard for structures and monuments, bar its places of worship. But a  nation-wide conservation effort can be discerned today, that is reviving useful and proven arts, crafts, practices, resources and systems. 

The road from Marx turns right at Gandhi:rwh

Mary and Babloo didn't settle at Timbaktu to retire, but to begin again with the conviction that nature is what really matters.[September,2005]

The Ganga in the sky:tiptur

Residents and establishments in Tamil Nadu have taken to rain water harvesting and water recycling proving that local action can alleviate shortages.[April,2005]

Where water flows in veins:tiptur

The Smile Index of children and adults here, proves that the networked farm pond idea pioneered by BAIF's branch in Tiptur, Karnataka needs to be spread wide.[July,2003]

Lay naturalists befriend mangroves:mangroves

Kerala's mangroves are struggling to survive but faceless Indians with no access to power or wealth are answering the call.[February,2003]

Shree Padre's campaign to save rain water has excited many people into action.shreePadre

In west Karnataka ,a new, widespread awareness is making people trap and store rain water.[October,2002]

Joint Forest Management [JFM] takes birth in India

Instead of policing people near forests, India has chosen to co-opt them in conserving its biodiversity [Apr,2002]

Self help and community wide action to restore water resources

The village of Baloda Lakha near Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh doesn't wait for government aid. [Sep,2001]

Manganiyars and Langas of Rajasthan find a saviour in Komal Kothari.

The timeless desert music is given a new life, even as an audio archive is being created. [May,2001]

The Marwari horse, is making a comeback

This horse,  so well adapted to India was becoming extinct, until rescued by some devoted Rajputs [Dec,2000]

The forests have a chance

The biennial State of Forest,1999 report has some news to cheer[Nov,2000]

The drought had it's heroes too!

Several communities in Rajasthan and Gujarat showed that man can influence nature if he works with it.[Aug,2000]

When rulers were visionary....

Anupam Mishra's loving evocation of a time that combined conservation, economy and culture.[Aug,2000]