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Indians tend not to linger and appreciate great events and achievements modern India has made since independence. The landmarks India has posted are the more surprising for such a non-nationalistic, individualistic people. These achievements may yet make us a soberly proud nation.

The two-pit privy man. sulabh

Perfecting a simple sanitation solution and getting it to revolutionise Indian society has taken 35 years of Dr Pathak's life.[Feb, 2005] 

The Green Revolution in India gave us food and dignity. greenRev

India was born in the ruins of the Bengal Famine and worked hard to become a secure country with food surpluses.[Nov,2002] 

The National Stock Exchange is a near perfect 10. NSE

As a complex, modern system operating in an India much reviled for its infrastructure, the NSE can teach the world a thing or three. [Mar,2002] 

An engineering marvel that kept the environment and aesthetic issues in view

A journey along the Konkan Railway is becoming an exclusive pleasure for many tourists.[Oct,2001] 

Ratan Tata builds a car for India

For the first time ever, an Indian company Telco, conceives, designs and mass manufactures a modern car tailored for India.[Aug,2001]