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Indians in all walks of life -- whether formally trained or not-- are innovating, discovering and seeking solutions to many of the country's problems. Rewards may not be  as assured or bounteous as in the developed world, but few of the innovators seem to care.

Plastic recycling - a new departure:plastoFuel

The pioneering work of Jim Garthe at the Univ. of Pennsylvania, in converting plastic waste into an energy resource has a great significance for India's environment.[Mar, 2004]

World standard toilets:bharadwaj

Since 1999, Fuad Lokhandwala has been demonstrating in New Delhi that building and running toilets to world standards is possible along sound commercial lines.[Nov, 2003]

Biodiesel goes from lab to land:bharadwaj

Prof Shrinivasa's SuTRA has proved to India's tribal people that biodiesel is the best way to electrify their homes. And they are making a revolution of it.[Jun, 2003]

Bridges to mainstream life:bharadwaj

Girish Bharadwaj's foot bridges for isolated villages are transforming communities -- and are aesthetic as well.[Mar, 2003]

A professor at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad is reaching out to barefoot inventors.sristi

Dr. Anil Kumar Gupta is putting together a structure that will benefit India's innocent knowledge workers.[Aug, 2002]

Before cities can improve, sanitation and housing in city slums have to improve.ShelterAssoc

Pratima Joshi and Srinanda Sen of Shelter Associates, Pune are working to improve the conditions under which the urban poor live.[Jul,2002]

Sugar cane leaf trash can build thousands of profitable rural businesses.

Working six long years with ARTI and his daughter Dr. Priyadarshini, Dr. A D Karve perfects a way to briquette trash cane leaves.[Apr,2002]

Water mills of India's hills are entering a new age.

A wide-spread initiative is on to technologically refit old water mills and tap new small hydel potentials.[Mar,2002]

S. Gopalakrishnan's Hydrodrive Electronic Converter can make India a clean-air leader.

This invention prevents vehicle pollutants from being created , rather than cleaning them up when they are at the exhaust.[Feb,2002]

Dr P K Jha brings his lab to bear on a basic Indian problem.

Sulabh Effluent Treatment Technolgy [SETT] can save 120 million litres of water per day.[Jan,2002]

The rebirth of a practical gasifier

Dr Mukunda's team at CGPL, Bangalore has introduced many innovative features in to the traditional problem ridden gasifier.[Dec,2001]

An old Indian pest control method excites ICRISAT scientists

Podborer [ Helicoverpa ] attack on pigeonpea had brought noxious pesticides into use- but not any more, because Bitchappa fetched up a forgotten idea. [Nov,2001].

Oil from Pongamia Pinnata [Honge] is an efficient fuel plus, it has many benefits

At Kagganahalli near Bangalore Dr.U.Shrinivasa of the Indian Institute of Science is building a model rural economy based on oil from Honge trees [Sep,2001].

Dr Sultan Ismail showcases vermiculture as an economic tool.

A sustained campaign is run by Dr Ismail and his researchers to demonstrate practical techniques to combat pollution, produce compost and to clean up cities' wastes [Apr,2001].

New uses for toxic wastes

An Indo-Canadian project supported by IDRC, CIDA, ICEF and IIT attempts to turn fly ash, sewage and biomass into a usable resource.[Nov,2000]

Was a young Tamil, the first-ever Indian in Europe?

Dr C S Mohanavelu's discoveries  of little-known facts of early Germans in India will surprise and delight you.[May,2000]