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Far from being tradition-bound [-in the sense of resisting change], Indians have always clung to what has worked over the centuries and then reworked them without core compromises. Many traditional skills and ways have proved to be sound and desirable in modern times.

Digging deep into Sanskrit.melkote

Prof. Lakshmi Thathachar at Melkote is a teacher, ecologist, animal breeder, computer adept and a champion of Sanskrit as an unmined knowledge source[Aug,2003].

The defense of turmeric, neem and other Indian heirlooms.

Provoked by patents on turmeric and neem,India is leading the fight for Third World Rights[Jan,2002]

Sthapathys of Swamimalai preserve an ancient art.

Bronze casting by the lost wax process is both a formal art and a thriving business in Tamil Nadu. [May,2001]

The Kagzi clan conserves the art of handmade paper.

Since the times of Babar, the Kagzis have done just one thing: hand-made paper![Jan,2001]

 Modern man can learn much from the Bishnois!

For 500 years this sect has fought to preserve the environment[Oct,2000]