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GoodNewsIndia: Appreciation

Feedback and comments from visitors...... Click here for comments received after Jan 1, 2002


I was surpised that you are almost 60 and the only person doing this work! You are definitely a pleasant presence in the normal otherwise mundane society. You are right, very few people in society actually make a positive contribution. Mostly, people just live, marry, procreate, do a job, and die, after consuming the planet and contributing to trash. I mentioned your site to an uncle of mine, as an example of people who actually do good for society. Take care.

Usmaan, Pakistan

Dec 24,2002

You have a good site there. How do you fund yourself? The page doesn't have any advertisements. The site is nice and encouraging.

Uma Iyer, Germany

Dec 21,2002

I am very happy to see this site. I feel proud. It is a very noble thing that is being done here. This has the capacity to inspire and goad to action any Indian. I will try my best and contribute in whatever way possible to this effort. I am a young Indian from Bangalore. I just loved this site. What a site!

Swaroop K

Dec 4,2001

In an era where everybody doubts India, your initiative is credit worthy. Keep up the good work!

Vani Dixit

Dec 10, 2001

Your work work gives me a very good source to put news on my company bulletin boards

Shridhar Karandikar

Sep 21, 2001

Thank you for your "good news". This week in particular it is sorely needed here in the US 

I have also shared your story on women's reservation with 8 or 9 of my women friends, and one other man, all of whom appreciate the disparities in power that still are hanging on in spite of progress to the contrary.

Your stories are all very inspiring, moving me to look for ways to make a difference here, in this "land of opportunity" where there is perhaps too much institutionalization. We have so many things that are taken care of, and hence taken for granted, that it takes getting an outside view -- or having our sense of security violently shaken -- to make us stop and really think about who we are and what we are doing.

 May your good influence thrive!

Thank you so much.

Noel Newnham  

Sep 16,2001


I'm very much amazed by your  website. Is there so much good news in India ? I always hoped but never thought that so much good news will be there! I admire your motivation to publish the brighter side of India. KEEP IT UP! 

I live in New Jersey, USA and am a member of "Asha for Education". Asha has several successful projects all over India helping to educate under privileged children through some trusted NGOs. Maybe you should carry such articles too so that indians begin to believe more in charities.

Again.. Keep up your good job!

Best Wishes,

Sumathi V. Iyengar


Thank you so much for getting in touch with us. I visited your Web site, and very much enjoyed reading the content that was there. I have forwarded along your e-mail to the individuals here in our editorial and content department, and am sure they will look at it when they are able.

Once again, I personally very much liked your Web site. India is one place that I have never been, but would very much like to visit one day. I wish you success with your endeavor!

Best Regards,

Sam Lord


Hi DV ,

 I just read your fantastic words on the OWL list, and then checked out your site. Very, very nice. We have a friend from Hyderabad who has told us all about India but he's now in the States so it's good to keep 'up to date' with Indian happenings.

Also your site will be very useful when I market to Indian IT companies.


Simon Young


august 22,2001

D V Sridharan,

Your site looks great and reads great. You are providing an incredible service. I learned a lot in the short time I had to look it over... I will return. Nice site... continued good luck with it.

Beverly Durfee

About Guide to the Writers' Exchange

Dear DV,

I am very glad that you found my suggestions useful. And of course I am happy to check in periodically on your interesting site in the future and give you any useful ideas that might occur to me. I know too that you will find the Online Writers List an invaluable resource like I have.

Already I've had positive comments come back from some of the people to whom I forwarded your URL. One of my colleagues in Singapore especially liked the story about Gulabo Sapera. I think people love good news, no matter what country they are from. In fact, I think your concept of "Tweendom" applies universally: it is the quiet middle-road people that really preserve our cultures and carry our civilization forward. I think it's good to stop and appreciate that, like your site does.

I am happy to be included on your newsletter mailing list.

I will enjoy continuing to check in with you now and again and wish you much success as you continue to develop Good News India.

Best regards,

Mark Patterson


I was so pleased to see a site like this. What a great contrast from trash like the main media puts out!

Please convey my regards to the writers and the management team of this web magazine. This is the kind of inspiring and nation-building journalism Mother Bharati needs. Keep it up.


abhay asthana

Cambridge, MA



In a world of doom & gloom such stories are very uplifting and encourage more people to participate in similar unselfish ventures. Please keep on adding more stories of determination, success and achievement!

Dilip Mohanty

Dec, 26,2001

I must confess, we are really really impressed with your website. We must have people like you who hightlight good news when the whole media fraternity goes by the rule "good news is no news, bad news is big news"

Sanjeev Kumar

Oct 1,2001

Dear Mr. Sridharan,

Thanks a lot for getting the goodnewsindia site up and running. I enjoy it a lot and am a frequent visitor to the site. It really is a very welcome and inspiring endeavour.

Thanking you again for your great efforts


Sumit Basu

 Groningen, The Netherlands           Sep 4, 2001

Your site is an inspiration. Too long has traditional media represented India through the eyes of white upper class affluent males. It is about time stereotypes of other cultures were challenged. Keep up the good work with good news!!

Renee Strauss Colorado USA       Sep 3, 2001

Hi Everybody,

Here is a site that you guys might like to visit (put it on your favourites /bookmarks), that is if you really want some positive news about India. 

This is not a sales or promotional  gimmick. The site is operated by a very good friend of mine out of his own pocket. Some of the stories that are hardly reported in the Indian news media are reported here. Make it a point to visit this site at least once every week and you will start liking India in case you at present are sceptical of progress there. 

Rustom Deshmukh    Vancouver             Sep 5, 2001


Discovered your site and it's going right to my favorites list. Very refreshing for a change.

As you research new items for your site, I wonder if you know about The Stockholm Challenge. It's an international award program for new web projects which are making a positive difference in the world. This year's award has 741 entries from 90 countries, so there's lots of ideas to check out. Many wonderful and creative projects.

I also have a website, Eartheasy, which is one of the entrants. Eartheasy is an online guide to how we can, as individuals and families, reduce our impact on the environment and bring more simple, natural values to our lives. It's in the Environment category. Was just notified that Eartheasy has been chosen to be a finalist.....maybe you would be interested in taking a look.

Please keep up the good work - we need the inspiration and encouragement!

Greg Seaman http://eartheasy.com

I was just intimated about your site, and am sending the URL around to as many Indians as I can.

Thanks a lot for all your good work.




I just had a quick look at your web site which was highly recommended on another news group. I am so glad I followed up on his suggestion. I shall be a regular visitor from now on. News about India in world media is always so gloomy and negative... 

Thanks again.


I think you are doing a great job in developing this site. It is very inspirational.

Good Luck

Jyothi Tallapragada

august 23, 2001

First of all, I congratulate on your spirit and good work and love of India. I will include a plug in my emails.Thank you and wish you all the best.

Ramesh Rao

Truman State U., MO

March 30,2001


You have developed a great website. i have been always looking forward to something like this and was surprised when i really found one! Thank you very much.


Raghu Matam

Dear Sir :

I have gone through the GoodNewsIndia site and found the same very interesting. This is perhaps the only site of its type concentrating on the positive way of life. 

RK Singhal

Special Correspondent, UNI


I came to know about your site from a link in bharat-rakshak.com.

Goodnewsindia is absolutely amazing. Many many articles posted here were never noticed by me. You make all of us proud of our nation. I will forward the articles and link to my friends. And also any relevant article if come to my notice, I will forward to you, just in case u have missed that.

Keep up the good work.


Parveen Mittal


I have been wanting to start a site like this for a long time, but never got around to it.

Your mission statement reads like a wish list for the site of my dreams !!

Thanks for making it a reality.

Good luck and may our paths cross,


ps: I volunteer for the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of AID [www.aidindia.org] and saw your site in a forwarded message.


The site is great. I was actually searching for a site like this. I had the thought always that if all the Indians talk about the positive points of India there will really be positive effects.

Thanks and regards

Gopalakrishnan Thanickachalam

Selectica Inc,  San Jose USA


I have just found your site, thanks to a small note at the bottom of a web-page from Sweden. There is nothing about India in the rest of that page. May I say that I think you have the most Beautiful site on the Web? It has taste, sensibility and a true national spirit. What more could one ask for. One small suggestion: Could you make it possible for browsers to e- mail your short articles directly? I am sure this would ensure a chain-letter like spread of information about your site. Many thanks for having undertaken this mission. I will be circulating information about it to my friends.

J G Krishnayya

Oct 2, 2002

This is really wonderful work. Cheers to you and your team. The optimism in the work, bringing out individuals little known in public is a great work done. I urge you to find out more and more academicians and scientists to top your list.

Revathi Mohanavelu

Oct 1,2001

First of all, allow me to laud you for your efforts on your portal. Having worked with one myself, I have been trained in a small way to identify good portals. And the hard work that has technically gone into it, as much as in the research is commendable. 

What touched me most was your recognition of the efforts of a lot of people who are not media savvy, and have made tremendous contribution. 

Vidya S     Sep 3, 2001

This was my first visit to your web site and I am very pleased to see the articles that speak from the proud Indian and not from the jaded and rose color glasses of the Euro-American Media Conglomerate!

Keep up this good work and keep us informed. I will pass on the site to my colleagues who need to know India from our perspective.

Sunil Dhar

Aug 30, 2001

Dear Mr Sridharan

This is to thank you for your message to the Webmaster regarding putting the Indica story on your site goodnewsindia. com.

On behalf of Mr Tata, allow me to thank you for your gesture which will,undoubtedly, serve as a great encouragement to our colleagues at Tata Engineering. Mr Tata is currently traveling but please be assured that the article will be brought to his attention on return.

I also took the opportunity to visit the site and came back more encouraged and uplifted than what the daily barrage on the media leaves you with.

Wishing you all the very best with your  endeavour.

Kind regards

Ajay Kumar

Vice-President (Communications) Chairman's Office Tata Industries July 7,2001

I have been reading the articles in your web site regularly. I am astonished by the fact that no one thought it fit to start such a web site before you did. Any way I am glad such a web site exists. Reading through Indian news papers these days you get the impression that the only thing that happens in India now a days is 1. People getting killed in various corners of india. 2. Scams by politicians and bureaucrats at various levels 3. A Cyclone or a drought in some part of india 4. Religious riots 5. Government mismanagement Even though all of the above do exist, reading today's papers a new comer or for that matter even indians themselves will be led to believe that India is a fast crumbling country and will be put off by anything related to india. Sometimes I believe that the Indian print media is India's biggest enemy. But you are one web site that has taken upon itself the essential and sacred task of bringing out the other side of the story namely the successes of the silent majority that is plodding along to make India the success story that it is today in spite of what all the doom sayers might say. Please continue the good work. Regards 


Congratulations and thank you! A wonderful site indeed.

Could I request you to increase the font size for the text? This is hard on older eyes.

Thanks again.

Prasenjit Gupta

University of Iowa Press

Iowa City, Iowa, USA

Big Congratulations for your site! I am not a good surfer and rarely visit sites (boring and confusing) but yours is clear, easy to read, fast and very interesting. One of your friend - Anil from Madras- recommended it to me when he came here and I am going to recommend to western friends who are still under the influence of "clich╚" about your amazingly unique country and its remarkable people. I do love your choice of topics (real life real people and unknown achievements), the parade and as a painter, I just discovered the source of a precious supply : handmade paper from the "Kagzis".

Please keep on, I will visit regularly and thanks again for this great initiative.

Martine, a french in Hong Kong!

It was a pleasure visiting your site and reading the reports. A welcome departure from the negative perspective we are constantly bombarded with. I will be a regular visitor. Keep it up!

C Gopinath

Dear Sir,

I visit your site regularly these days. I like your work and I really appreciate it. I request you to add a link at the end of each article so that the visitor can e-mail it to his friends. 

Keep the good work going....

Thank you,

Satya Srinivas


I came across your web-site while I was casually web browsing. I have read most of the articles, and I was deeply touched by what I read. Every year in the first week of January I write donation checks to Indian charities and other organizations who work in the fields of education and social upliftment. This year my checks would be going to some of the organizations I found on your web site.

Srini Gadgil, USA

Dec 21,2002

Your site tells us unmistakably that everybody must cultivate a sense of belonging to India and its heritage as opposed being cynical, skeptical and standing dubiously high moral ground.

please continue.

Seshadri Prativadi

Aug 17, 2001

Dear DV,

Hello from Seattle, Washington. I work for GoodThings.com, a website with a similar mission to yours: spreading good news. I absolutely adore your site and would love the opportunity to form some type of partnership between Good News India and GoodThings.com. The more "good things" we can get out there the better.

Very Sincerely,

Felice Keller       Aug 8, 2001

My friend & partner Greg Seaman of eartheasy led me to your site. Oh so wonderful! It stirs my heart to read your stories. Though I have never visited your country many of my friends have and two of my three daughters have spent time traveling (cheaply, definitely not the 1st class circuit) there. Most of my teachers (in spirit) and teachings came from your land, and my guru (Neem Karoli) and most profound teacher (Nisargadatta) from whom I take my daily readings are obviously Indian. Inside myself I have always felt that I 'came' from India and perhaps before my mahasamadi (is that the right word?) I will have the opportunity to visit. 

Meanwhile I will come here for my inspiration and pass you on to any friend who is interested. Thank you so much for your efforts.

With love and camaraderie, 

Laurence Fisher

Dear Mr Sridharan,

Your initiative is wonderful.

Thanks for giving all of us so much optimism, through your enterprise...

I am already feeling good knowing about the work of AID, ASHA etc.

Now your site is the fillip for us to renew our hopes and dreams, and follow in the footsteps of the heroes.

Best regards,

Sandeep Chellapilla

Aug 30, 2001


goodnewsindia.com is a site worth visiting and it surely uplifts my spirit when I come across something so well written about my own country and its people, especially when I have always heard people putting down my country for some thing or the other.

Well done, a very good job to make people realise their own country's worth.

Keep it up.

Parul S.Doshi

Jul 24,2001


Your piece for the OWL list mirrored my own thoughts. I thank you for its clear exposition. I suspect we 'old men' (I'm just behind you at 57) may have a different agenda from most, and perhaps are not so interested in developing a revenue stream. That said it may be we are in the forefront of one valuable way in which the Net will develop. At this stage it is a small baby. One day it may contain the 'sum total of all human knowledge'.

You are showing the positive side of your country - and it offers you an inexhaustible stream of raw material. In itself that it is a facet of our society that is too often ignored.

 Take courage, and continue to make an impact upon our world - which needs people like you.

Trevor Lockwood


august 22, 2001

Dear DV,

  I wanted to tell you how interesting your site is and how inspiring. I had a desire to ask you to check out my site and tell me what you think of it with constructive criticism. I hope you would have some time to do that and I would appreciate it very much. I would really value your opinion. thank you for your work in India. Best,

Phyllis Klein

august 20, 2001

dear sridharan,

thank you for your response.I wish your site all success---I find there is an urgent need to lift the average indian sense of despondency which has resulted from mindless journalism which has been only conveying to them all that is wrong with India. this  I feel could have resulted from the fond hope that if one criticises, one is pointing out a defect, which once pointed out, would be automatically result in improvements.

your site is attempting to create a balance so desperately need at this time. my best wishes to you.



august 19, 2001

Dear Good News :

A truly wonderful site you have set up !

Best regards,

-Arun Gupta

New Jersey, USA

Dear Mr. Sridharan,

It's such a wonderful treat to get a message from a brother in India! I have immediately posted a link and small description of your site in our section for worldwide positive news. (To see it, go to www.angelsweekly.com and click on "links to positive news worldwide".) Your site looks very attractive and it's so wonderful the way it upholds the ideals that Mahatma Gandhi has for India. It really makes me very happy to see it. Over here in the west, we're drowning in our materialism, but it's our saving grace that India has so much virtue and shares that with the world.  

 God bless you, and I hope to hear from you again!


Daniel May

(Publisher of City of Angels Weekly)