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Jun 15, 2006 : A white elephant turns pink 

The Indian Railways is no longer the perennial loss maker of yore, but an engine of innovation and profit

Mar 19, 2005 : Elements of India’s emerging success 

Perhaps the world has sized up India but it hasn’t quite the right phrase yet that would describe what animates the Indian mind.

Apr 13, 2004 : Supreme Court arms the Securitisation Act 

Increase in credit and at cheap rates will spur investments and create jobs.

Apr 03, 2004 : A strong rupee is good for India’s economy 

The rupee’s growing strength against the dollar will lead to ‘equitable growth’ of the economy

Jan 27, 2004 : India’s Surge: a fresh round-up 

India seems driven by what Keynes called, ‘animal spirits’

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