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Aug 29, 2005 : An opportunity to serve Sanskrit 

Sanskrit may not be a dead language but there are no lack of efforts to kill it.

Jun 02, 2004 : ARTI develops a novel biogas plant 

The new compact biogas system is just as large as a household refrigerator

Nov 09, 2003 : Dignity for urban poor 

Shelter Associates believe that planning for the poor must have the poor as the largest participant in plan design, implementation and management. 

Sep 25, 2003 : Toxic wastes reclaim land 

Fly ash, sewage sludge and the redoubtable water hyacinth could be combined into a formidable regenerating agent for depleted soils

Feb 25, 2003 : How fares that anti-pollution invention? 

Many of the stumbling blocks he has faced may have been overcome by a smart MBA

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