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Dec 10, 2004 : Living easy with Greg Seaman 

Greg’s voice is gentle — it merely informs. There are no harangues at this site.

Apr 05, 2004 : Konkan Rail in E Sreedharan’s words 

It is the transcript of plain words spoken by a no-nonsense, hands-on man given to ‘doing it’ rather than talking about it.

Mar 31, 2004 : The incredible Dr Shripad Dabholkar 

And by the nineties, grapes worth Rs 500 crores were being harvested in Maharashtra

Jan 15, 2004 : Arun Shourie surveys IT - India 

“Indian firms are able to provide not just software… but complete business solutions.”

Jul 17, 2003 : Pre-history of democracy 

Democracy is more than governments through elections-- it is governance by discussion

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