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Jan 12, 2007 : A miracle rice 

A new variety of rice known as the Aerobic Rice has been discovered which requires little water, generates no methane and produces good yields.

Oct 20, 2005 : Bird Flu: the scare and some sense 

An Indian scientist explains why the feared pandemic killing a hundred million will not come about. Is it scare mongering then, by commercial interests pushing drugs?

Dec 23, 2004 : An apology to Dr. Herbert Kroemer 

An abject apology to Dr Herbert Kroemer, a Nobel Laureate

Jul 21, 2003 : A tryst with monsoons 

Assisted by India’s remote sensing satellites, super-computers and complex algorithms weather scientists render an oracular service to the nation

May 20, 2003 : Two breakthroughs 

India will gain her identity due to the efforts of her little known sons

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