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May 30, 2005 : A clothes-line from cities to the country 

You don’t often get a more personalised, targeted-at-the-last-person dedication in social service.

Jan 13, 2005 : Reasons for GNI’s silence 

Often what we cannot achieve by fulminating, can be achieved by switching off disappointment and working for a greater objective.

Sep 09, 2004 : Bio-diesel moves you can make right now 

Reality is, there is a huge shortage and and a need to create new supplies of them.

Aug 21, 2003 : Good cheer on IDay-56 

Read the Sam Singh saga...that would be enough to fill you with optimism

Aug 10, 2003 : V N H Rau connects need with plenty 

A waste disposal problem turns into an answer for hunger

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