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Dec 02, 2002
An online blood donors network

A young couple of Nagpur, Khushroo and Fermin Poacha have put in their own considerable time and money to create a detailed database of volunteers throughout India, who are willing to donate blood in emergencies. They have signed up well over 6800 volunteers in 240 cities and towns of India. There are about 30 requests for blood of everyday.

All you need to do when you want a donor is to log on to the site, state your city and find a volunteer nearest to you. More than your signing up, this couple needs money to carry on their work, which at the moment costs them way over Rs.10,000, a month. This idea is bound to grow and draw a large viewer-ship. Support the site with advertisements-- it is both good work and good business. They would be grateful for cash donations too. Take a their site and you would be impressed by what two committed Indians with an idea can do.

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