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Aug 29, 2005
An opportunity to serve Sanskrit

Some friends have rallied with loans to purchase a 2.5 acre property. He talks of it now, with renewed energy: “It’s in Srirangapatna about 16 km out of Mysore and sits on the banks of the Cauvery. In addition to the Gurukulam, I want to keep cows and bulls and continue the Rishi-Krishi Paddati.” That is the ancient system of zero-input cultivation that he had revived successfully at Melkote. That work alone deserves the support of GoodNewsIndia’s readers, quite apart from the cause of scholarship that the Professor, his two sons and their wives have stood for.

Samskrti Foundation has a nascent website and details a funding plan. The idea is to combine the Gurukulam with cultural tourism where visitors learn integrated lifestyles of the ancients. Contributors can have the satisfaction of having backed a sincere man and also enjoy benefits of time-share holidays. He needs not just funds but also mentoring in the ways of running a self-financing organisation. also needs a good web master and more focused content.

Sanskrit may not be a dead language but there are no lack of efforts to kill it. Here is an opportunity to all its well wishers to fight back in its cause.

Prof M A Lakshmi Thathachar

Samskriti Foundation

No. 142 (Upstairs), College Road

Chamaraja Mohalla

Mysore - 570 024



Office: [0821] 5264695 [-Mr Srinivasan]

Home: [0821] 5530472 [-Mr Alwar]

Mobile: [0] 924350 6249 [-Prof Thathachar]


Samskriti’s funding plan

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