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Feb 15, 2003
Back Anna Hazare’s fast on Feb 20, 2003

An Update:

GoodNewsIndia has just [Feb 18] received the following message:

“On Monday Feb., 17 (IST), after a Cabinet meeting including the newly-elected Chief Minister in which Anna was present, the govt. has relented and wants some more time to implement the demands."Anna Hazare has thus deferred his fast untilAug. 15, 2003."”

Earlier post

The redoubtable Anna Hazare is at it again. He is a Gandhi for today who refuses to buck in the face of authority. Many of you may have heard of this ex-Army trucker who turned Ralegaon Siddhi into a model of development. [GoodNewsIndia is going to feature him soon]. But he is more than that.

Anna Hazare has for long championed the cause of just administration. He has finally decided to go on a fast on Feb 20,2003. And he won’t cease unless the Maharashtra Government concedes his demand for total transparency in governance. You can read the details of his demands here.

PRAJA [People’s Resolve to Act for Justice and Accountability] a US based group has worked out a novel way to identify yourself with Anna Hazare. You can click here to pledge your support and choose to observe the day in solidarity by fasting.

Not all causes are about money. Personal involvement goes much farther. If you believe in the power of the mind, this should work.

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