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Jul 01, 2004
Plastics recycling is out in the streets

Therein lies the delicious bit for most of us. The problem of plastic litter is largely due to the unremunerative price of Rs 0.40 / kg, that gatherers have hitherto have been offered. KKWM now offers Rs 6. “In 15 days we collected 18 tonnes of waste,” says Ahmed Khan. Barring rigid plastics, they accept all manner of film waste without the need for sorting. Considering that Bangalore generates 30 MT of waste per month, the potential of the idea to clean up the city is clear. Also, the money will be going into the pockets of our game rag-pickers and housewives. In fact, needing almost 2 MT per km of road laid, KKWM would be running short of waste.

He plans to replicate his KK Polyblend manufacturing units all over the country. Eventually when the practice becomes mature, refineries can mix bitumen at source with Polyblend, and so eliminate the present practice of dosing by trained KKWM staff, at the laying point. Already enquiries have begun to come in from city administrations in Gujarat, Goa, Maharashtra, Delhi and Chhattisgarh. But Khan wants to first perfect the process and lay 800 km in Bangalore. KKWM is now working on cleaning the waste by air instead of water and fluids. They are busy scaling up to fill the huge order they have. Polyblend use has also received the approval of the Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi.

For the chronic moaners of India, Ahmed Khan has a chastening tale. He says he has received encouragement throughout his exercise in innovation from the official establishment. He says feelingly,"If this idea takes root eventually, the greatest credit must go to Mr S M Krishna, the former Chief Minister of Karnataka. He quickly understood the idea and proactively pushed it. He convened any number of meetings of concerned departments and hustled everyone. When the experimental stretches were being laid, he arrived on the scene and gave the idea high visibility.” And he adds,"He is clearly the idea’s midwife.” How often must it be said, that the world hastens to the doors of a man who builds a better mousetrap?

KK Waste Management Pvt Ltd

28, 6th Cross, 34th Main

TMCS Layout, Phase 1

J P Nagar

Bangalore 560078

Phones: 91-80-6661056, 6661513, 6660672,
91-98450-78600 [Mobile]

Fax: 91-80-6662025


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