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Jan 12, 2004
Two recycling successes

The two small successes that follow, are worth noting as the kind of creative solutions we need in greater number and variety to tackle the emerging waste disposal problem in India.

The first is about a quick way to compost domestic waste using an energetic bacteria. NDTV’s 24x7 channel reported on Jan 04,2004, that 500 homes in Thane, Maharashtra are using a system developed by Vijay Pavgi of Vrikshavalli. The story has just the barest of information but the uniqueness of the system seems to lie in low cost --Rs.300-- and the rapidity and ease with which the unnanmed bacteria converts waste.

Our second story is about a factory dedicated to convert Tetra Pak carton waste into ply and particle board substitute. Tetra Pak is an example of very high modern technology applied to create a compelling consumer product. Milk, juices and fluids packed in Tetra Pak cartons have a shelf life of months without refrigeration. The cartons themselves are made from a thin board of many layers laminated together on a sophisticated machine. The materials of the layers --paper, aluminium and plastic film-- are very expensively derived resources that are too good to be thrown away after one use. Tetra Pak seems a responsible corporate as it actively facilitates setting up of profitable recycling units using carton waste.

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