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May 08, 2003
A national biodiesel policy is in the works

GoodNewsIndia is delighted to record that Prof. U. Shrinivasa of IISc has been nominated by the Central Government to suggest a draft policy for a massive countrywide movement that would harvest non-edible oils for use as biodiesels.

He’s a fit choice as SuTRA, the organisation he founded has demonstrated the soundness of biodiesels as an industrial strength proposition. SuTRA has accumulated experience using over a quarter million litres of Pongamia oil in its pilot project. He has been arguing the virtues of the idea from many angles: national security, employment potential, environmental benefits, agricultural productivity and plain good business sense.

In February this year he organised a seminar which was attended by influential people in power. You can scan the subjects they discussed and also download some of the presentations made there.

The upshot of the seminar was that a national policy will be developed over the coming months. The team headed by Prof. Shrinivasa has come up with a draft policy and you can download it from here. Comments and suggestions are invited.

Spare a second to get this picture: Rs.20,000 crores --spent mostly on manual jobs in the countryside-- will renewably produce diesel substitute for 90% of India’s needs and regenerate wastelands and make agricuture go organic; all this in twenty years, paying off from year six. So, come and be a part of one of those many exciting participatory parades that India organises as it marches forward. Send your encouragement, ideas and comments to Prof. Shrinivasa and his team.
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