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Sep 09, 2004
Bio-diesel moves you can make right now

The good news is, Dr.D’Silva has opened a new list. He writes, “All you have to do is let me know how many litres of petroleum you consume each month. I will do the calculations and let you know the cost neutralising these emissions.” Your contribution will go to another, similar, village.

That’s all there is to settling your carbon karma. Serious and intending contributors can write along the above lines to him at, . But remember, he’s a busy man. So don’t ask him to “send details”. You have them in full here.

The second bio-diesel initiative you can consider joining, is the one by Dr V Anantha Nageswaran, an economist based in Singapore. He was reading a newspaper article on Tileikani village in Sundergarh District, Orissa which has produced a series of hockey heroes who have represented the country. Yet, the 100 households of the village—barely 100km from the steel town of Rourkela— are without electricity or energy for irrigation. He dreamed of replicating Dr Udipi Shrinivasa’s success in AP here and got in touch with him.

Nearly one year of investigations, preparatory work through Dr Shrinivasa’s SuTRA, and Rs.1.2 lakhs of his own money after, Dr V A Nageswaran has now a well-defined project you can join. For an outlay of Rs.12 lakhs, Tileikani will get—by Dec,2004— an integrated pongamia oil extraction unit, a biodiesel driven generator, a bore well and an irrigation pump. About 25 acres will be efficiently irrigated by a rain-gun and jobs will be created in agriculture, oil extraction and tree nurseries.

Contributions to the project will be managed by the GIVE Foundation and the project monitored by Manav Adhikar Seva Samiti [MASS]. There is a somewhat high cost of Rs.2 lakhs payable to these two organisations but Dr Anantha Nageswaran is meeting that bill entirely. Your contribution is towards the balance requirement of Rs 10 lakhs only. Serious correspondence with him is welcomed at

Now that you have finished reading, you can jump right in and be a part of the bio-diesel picture.

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